MIGS Open Space format will let YOU define the conversations with fellow industry leaders.

What if we could turn a conference into one big coffee break? Aren’t coffee, or any kind of networking breaks what conference attendees often value the most anyway as it gives them a chance for more off-the-record and relaxed conversations on topics that they want rather than the official agenda imposed?

That’s what Open Space at MiGS offers.

Complete blank-canvas – that’s what will be happening at MiGS in May. No speakers, no moderators, no pre-defined panels, no required preparation, closed doors and full confidentiality – MiGS is for curious minds, willing to share and open to new connections.

Clarion Gaming, MIGS co-organiser, have been running Open Space meetings since 2016 twice annually in London and Las Vegas and the format has proven very powerful in getting a diverse group of industry professional to brainstorm a number of key topics in a relatively short period of time. We are now bringing this format to MiGS and inviting operator members of The Executive Network to participate.

Curious about how it works? Watch the video below.

Clarion Gaming – Open Space from iGaming Business on Vimeo.

We’ve been running Open Space meetings in Las Vegas and London for a few years now. Here is what some participants have said:

• Roger Parkes, Betway: ‘honest conversations’
• Alex Tomic, ALEA: ‘smart conversations with iGaming sparkling geniuses’
• Wolfgang Bliem, Grand Casino Luzern: ‘easy-flowing collaboration’
• Claire Pinson, ARJEL: ‘fruitful, disruptive dialogue’
• Keith McDonnell, kmigaming.com: ‘refreshingly unstructured’
• Nick Garner, Oshi Casino: ‘tribal, insightful and satisfying’
• Jesper Engberg, Kindred Group: ‘productive and insightful’
• Paris Anatolitis, GVC: ‘mentally stimulating’

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