iGaming Idol Unveiled to Honor Outstanding Individuals in iGaming

How many awards can a company amass before they start stowing the glass and metal trophies in boxes and closets, soon to be forgotten?  With the proliferation of awards events for iGaming companies, it’s a fair question.  So when the founders of the newest awards event on the circuit set out to create something that would stand out from the rest, they opted to make winners out of the innovators and visionaries that power iGaming companies and thus was born the iGaming Idol.

Created to recognize the top talent from the substantial pool of employees in Malta’s iGaming industry, iGaming Idol is being built on the pillars of individual recognition, charity and entertainment.  This inaugural awards event will be held on Tuesday, the 8th of November, the first day of the Malta iGaming Seminar and will crown the first eleven winners in eleven different categories like “Tech Idol of the Year”, “Marketing Idol of the Year” and “Customer Service Idol of the Year”, to name a few.

A unique aspect of iGaming Idol revolves around the intense criteria used to select judges in each category as well as a panel interview requirement for nominees in front of those expert judges.  To be selected as one of three judges for any given category, expertise in the subject is a given but more importantly, they have to have displayed significant career progression in that field.  Judges must meet these stringent requirements in order to accurately rate nominees during the in-person panel interviews.  For each category, nominees are expected to prove their expertise by answering questions specific to their field, as formulated by the judges.  Nominees can’t just rely on the fact they were nominated, they must be able to authenticate their knowledge, adding further weight to each category’s winning recipient.

From a field of all nominees, ten will be shortlisted by the judges based on the nomination submissions.  iGaming employees based in Malta can nominate themselves, a colleague or a friend by completing the application on the awards website .  The ten shortlisted nominees will then be invited to the panel interviews with the judges and given ten minutes to answer questions formulated to showcase a deep understanding of the category’s criteria. Based on these interviews, the judges will narrow the field to three potential winners. To become an iGaming Idol, one must be able to clearly demonstrate the ability to turn their knowledge into practice to create outstanding results on a daily basis.

Initially only open to iGaming employees based in Malta, the event aspires to expand the awards to other jurisdictions so that iGaming’s elite talent can be recognized no matter where they reside and eventually be able to crown winners from a global pool.  At the moment, the restriction to Malta-based nominations is one of focus.  Co-Founder of iGaming Idol and Organizing Partner of MiGS Jeffrey Buttigieg explains, “Malta is our playground and we know how it works here, so we’re strategically limiting it to this jurisdiction at the moment and once we’ve proven it works for this industry, we’ll expand it”.

Another distinctive part of the awards event is the importance of including a charitable aspect. A portion of ticket sales (10%) goes to Malta Community Chest Fund under the patronage of the President of Malta. The Malta Community Chest Fund helps a vast range of people throughout the year. A significant amount of financial assistance goes towards chemotherapy and specialised medicine, which is not part of the list of medicines given through state aid. The Malta Community Chest Fund also financially supports the family members who accompany their relatives abroad for further treatment, which consists of airline ticket fares, transport, food and accommodation. The Malta Community Chest Fund also helps NGOs through a system of fund applications for social or infrastructure projects. Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca will be attending the awards ceremony to show support to the charity and the iGaming Idol winners.

The Gala Dinner and Awards Show will be followed by an after party to be held at Club22, so attendees will enjoy a full evening of celebration of the industry’s best and brightest in Malta.  A limited number of tickets to attend the show at the Hilton Hotel Grandmaster Suite are available and attendees of MiGS receive a 30% discount, as a nod to the crossover potential of the two audiences.  Founder and CEO of iGaming Idol, Michael Pedersen said “I am very excited about all the support we have received for iGaming Idol from both employees and companies. Our mission is to create a premium award show and a symbol of excellence that our winners are proud to have on the shelf at home – a high integrity award that carries a lot of weight when put on their CV.  We can’t wait to celebrate their success with them”.

For more information on the categories and submission requirements or to pre-book your attendance, visit www.igamingidol.com.  Nominations will be accepted until 30 September.