MiGS Preview: Using Data to Discover the Hidden Value in Player Segments

Having over 530 remote gaming licensees, Malta is arguably the largest and most advanced jurisdiction with the highest concentration of operators in the world.  So when the organisers of the Malta iGaming Seminar (MiGS) set out to plan the conference programme, they’re doing so with this key demographic in mind. With the 8th instalment of the widely regarded conference being fully launched this week, iGaming industry professionals are seeing an agenda flush with cutting edge topics and speakers and spiced with networking opportunities for the polished executive level audience.

One of the more anticipated sessions will appeal to those delegates looking to take away actionable information that will immediately produce dividends for their companies. Director of New Business for Optimove, Motti Colman, will present A Hidden Value: The Reactivated Player which promises to shine the spotlight on an often overlooked player segment that is a virtual goldmine when approached intelligently using data and marketing skill.

The amount, type and accuracy of available data surrounding players changes almost as fast as the technology of the games themselves.  While the speed and accumulation of data is good in theory, putting it to work in a useful way is increasingly costly and complex.  According to the December 2015 “Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising” survey, some 68.6% of marketers surveyed said they planned to increase their investment in data in 2016, and 56.3% said they increased their data-driven marketing and advertising expenditures in 2015 [1].

With a mission to “combine marketing art and data science to empower marketers with the ‘emotional intelligence’ required to communicate with customers effectively at all times via all channels”, Optimove’s products and services are making waves in several industries including iGaming.  Optimove has recently signed a deal with GVC Holdings, owner of well-known brands including SportingBet, bwin.party and CasinoClub, to serve as its enterprise CRM and player marketing vendor. Given the operator has such a wide operational footprint, Optimove believes its experience of player behaviour in different geographies can make marketing more efficient for the company.

To further illustrate the impact Optimove is having on iGaming operators, one useful case study is BetAmerica.  BetAmerica used Optimove to drive growth through its existing player base, resulting in 90% customer marketing coverage, 47% increase in conversion rate, 26% increase in monthly depositors, 52% increase in amount of deposits and 31% increase in total amount wagered.

In the MiGS session, the presentation will focus specifically on the reactivated player or a player that has churned and subsequently become an active customer again.   Mr. Colman says of this demographic, “We’ve discovered that the reactivated lifecycle stage represents tremendous hidden value.  Optimove’s access to a vast amount of player activity data spanning the entire online gaming industry, has led us to many interesting insights,” which will be shared to the benefit of anyone in attendance looking for ways to utilize the vast stores of data at their fingertips.

And let’s face it – long gone are the days when launching a website and spending a few thousand Euros in marketing made for worthy competition.  As operators consolidate to create larger and larger entities with more available resources, every ounce of data must be effectively utilised to maintain viable budgets and market share. When market segmentation and ever-changing jurisdictional landscapes are factored in, a daunting task emerges for many marketing departments to tackle on their own.

Few are as well-suited as Mr. Colman to present this information to the MiGS audience.  Mr. Colman is a veteran expert in customer retention within the online and offline gaming and retail verticals.  As feedback from previous MiGS conferences has requested, organisers are keen to bring in presenters with knowledge of industries outside gaming for their unique and applicable perspectives.  Mr. Colman is a perfect blend of speaker that can present from experience both within and outside of gaming, having previously headed up a High Net-Worth Family Office in London and also holding an ACA in Forensic Accounting from BDO.

Operators and marketing professionals at MiGS will gain a clear understanding of identifying and managing the “reborn” customers and how to mine this valuable player segment they may have previously considered lost early on Day One of MiGS. When coupled with the complete programme,  the value to MiGS delegates is unsurpassed in terms of immediately applicable knowledge and networking opportunities that allow more intimate discussion with the high-level of executives in attendance.

Early bird registration is now live and sponsorship opportunities are still available for those wishing to brand their companies to the exceptional delegation that makes MiGS the most professional and valuable event in Malta.  Use your time and marketing dollars wisely and register to attend MiGS today.


[1] http://scl.io/qXpBH7zU#gs.YwmVEP4