An iGaming conference is nothing without networking opportunities. Indeed MiGS is designed to be a networking-centric event and includes several interaction opportunities for the C-level iGaming community. Meet with the operators, service providers and regulatory bodies all in one place.


Free Roll Poker Tournament

  Monday 16th November 2015

The MiGS annual Poker tournament is one of the highlights of the conference that kicks off the event. Even though it is a ‘play for fun’ tournament, one can still see some silky skills, daring bluffs and some really challenging calls.

It is a great occasion to meet up with the other delegates, sponsors as well as some of the speakers that have just arrived from their travels.  There will be networking area where we will be serving drinks.

You don’t have to be a professional to play in this tournament.  Make sure you remember to register upon signing up for MIGS15.

Networking Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks will be available during the 3days, encouraging any open-ended discussions inside the conference room to be continued whilst giving opportunity to everyone to meet everyone else and let the ideas fly.

Seated Buffet Lunch at Fra Martino Restaurant and Terrace

  Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November 2015
Enjoy a sumptuous lunch, a selection of homemade desserts freshly prepared at The Fra Martino Restaurant and Terrace.

Networking Drinks

  Tuesday 17th November 2015

At the end of the Day 1, all delegates are invited to an exclusive networking receptionat The Corinthia Hotel, St. Julians, Malta . Sipping a beer and/or a glass of wine to a setting sun in such fantastic surroundings is one of the highlights at MiGS.

The BIG Foundation Dinner at MiGS15

  Tuesday 17th November 2015

BIG Foundation

The BiG Foundation has been set up as a registered charitable organisation in the UK; the focus being on supporting those in difficult circumstances with funds donated from companies and individuals involved in the betting and gaming industry.

Founded in 2013 by Richard Hogg and David Dixon, they are once again pulling together to provide us with a memorable Dinner (See Menu here) night so that we may collect funds for two honourable causes, namely local charity Putinu Cares and International St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

This year we have chosen Caviar and Bull, one of Malta’s Top Dining Location’s for Mediterranean Cuisine.  Owner, Marvin Gauci, welcomes the iGaming community to his Award Winning Restaurant.  For Bookings of Tables kindly contact Ramona Mifsud on [email protected] or call on +356 99477102.

Puttinu Cares

Puttinu Cares, the children’s cancer support group was set up 12 years ago soon after the opening of a specialised Paediatric Oncology Unit in Hospital, now known as Rainbow Ward. The support group offers guidance for the patient and relatives, helps them deal with the ordeal ahead and gives them hope for a brighter future. The team gets to know the families and aims to treat each family with individual needs.

Puttinu offers help when families need to go abroad to pursue any kind of further treatment in UK. Government covers all medical costs for the patient but Puttinu is there for accommodation for the accompanying family free of charge. Our support has now extended to include adult patients. This alleviates a huge burden, since when a child gets sick parents doesn’t have to shoulder the expense of accommodation to be able to stay with their child in hospital and care for them in between stays.

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is one of the leading facilities globally which both treats patients around the world for free AND does ground-breaking research on childhood cancer.  St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where some of today’s most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly.


In Aid of:
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Harbour Cruise

  Wednesday 18th November 2015

A popular Networking event that we started last year is an ideal wind down event where you get the opportunity to soak up the two days over a nice procecco whilst visiting Malta’s Grand Harbour – a natural port with many creeks and historical fortifications.  You will take advantage of the opportunity to capture incredible photographs and enjoy fantastic views of Valletta and the Three Cities as seen from sea level.  An ideal setting to discuss ideas and the latest trends with fellow iGaming coleagues

MiGS15 Networking Drinks

  Wednesday 18th November 2015

For the young at heart the night carries on and we’ll have you dancing till the break of dawn.  The party’s location makes it perfect whether you are joining us for the whole night or stopping buy for a few drinks. Keep a look-out for more details.

Networking Snacks

  Thursday 19th November 2015

Zorb Football

  Thursday 19th November 2015

As crazy as its name suggests, this is as unique as it is hilarious. Being a new concept most people have not yet tried this format of the game before. You can choose from Football, British bulldogs, Last Man Standing, King Of The Ring & Lions & Tigers. Strap yourselves into your own one man body zorb and split off into teams.

Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying end over end in the process. When in control of the ball, if you can stop yourself howling with laughter for long enough, dribble it forward before smashing it home past the goalie, but beware, a barge could come from any direction!

An unforgettable activity of fun guaranteed to have you belly laughing long after the final whistle blows. Good luck fitting on the bench for the team photo!

ABBA Tribute Act VIP Closing party

  Thursday 19th November 2015
Invite only

Good-Bye! Until next time! But don’t leave too early!!


Join us to have the time of your life as the Abba Revival® Voted The Official No.1 ABBA Tribute Act In The UK  performs iconic hits including “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” “S.O.S,” “Money, Money, Money,” “The Winner Takes It All,” “Waterloo,” “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” and many more.

More details at

Venue : 



20.30 till late

Sponsored by:

aliquantum plus5

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