Co-Founder and CFO,  Cubits

As the CFO of Cubits, Benedikt is designing methods to open the potential of Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain to the world of payments. Benedikt, his Partners and team have succeeded at building a state–of–the–art Bitcoin marketplace from scratch, combining wallet and payment processing solutions for customers and merchants around the globe.

Benedikt forecasts that digital currency will revolutionise the e-Commerce landscape, aided by the increase of digital trade, and diminish the importance of legacy payment methods including the wide-spread use of credit cards. The iGaming industry is known to spearhead innovation within the scope of payments, which is why Cubits has created a tailored service for the iGaming sector and its customers. Cubits products and services combine Bitcoin with existing infrastructure to create seamless and secure payment processes.

Previous to managing Cubits, Benedikt was able to collect significant expertise within Payments and e-Commerce, working with J.P. Morgan’s Technology, Media and Telecoms Investment Banking Team in London. Having gained an insight into the inefficiencies of digital payments, Benedikt came across Bitcoin in 2013. Fascinated by the prospects it holds, he joined forces with his Partners and launched Cubits operationally in 2015 after an extensive development period under the radar.

Benedikt holds a First Class Honours degree in Management from the University of Warwick, UK.

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