Managing Director,  ARQ Risk & Compliance

Manfred Galdes is the Managing Director of ARQ Risk & Compliance, a consulting firm that provides specialist advisory services to private and public entities in the field of AML/CFT and other financial crime. He is also a partner in the law firm FFF-Legal.

Manfred is the former Director of the FIAU – the financial intelligence unit of Malta and the authority responsible for the regulation and supervision of all entities subject to AML/CFT obligations under Maltese law. He previously occupied senior posts within the MFSA and another professional firm.

He has been involved in the drafting of various laws and lectures on the subject of prevention of money laundering and other areas of law.

Manfred participated in the working party discussions at EU level leading to the promulgation of the Fourth EU Directive and was also responsible for coordinating Malta’s first AML/CFT National Risk Assessment.

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